We check the individual security state of your company and create the appropriate  optimal protection concept.
Safety starts at the planning stage.

Wherever you venture the area of  new planning, design and construction, the security aspect should be given the utmost attention.

Our project team consisting of specialist in the various security areas, analyses, advises and develops proposals to ensure their implantation.

This is a special set of criteria drawn up in which the already planning phase of new construction projects will review the legal safety aspects to be carried out.

The aim of such security-controlling within your company is to increase people’s awareness to security issues.

  • Specialist for Occupational Safety
  • HSE Management Consultant
  • Data Protection Officer
  • Quality Auditor
  • Environmental Management Consultant
  • Advisor to Integrated Management Systems
  • Fire Prevention Officer
  • Port Security Officer
  • Air Security Officer
  • Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor
  • Management Consultant AZAV
  • Crisis and emergency management
  • Risk management
  • Business Continuity Management
  • Security imaging (domestic and foreign)
  • Anti Fraud Management
  • Prevention advice / Defense v. white-collar crime
  • Revision Management / Security
  • Security management (business / law)
  • IT Security
  • Consultant RFQ / purchase of security services
  • Development of training concepts / Security
  • Preparation of safety analysis for public and private institutions
  • Coaching / Security
  • Facility management / Security
  • Project Management / Security
  • Personal protection
  • Protection concepts for events
  • Preparation of expert reports on security and safety
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection Advisory
  • Compliance / Security
  • Loss Prevention Management
  • Corporate Security
  • Ship Security Officer
  • Company Security Officer
  • Supply Chain Security Management

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